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Stories for Kids


Free Offline Interactive Kids Stories for the new generation!Listen the stories with audio and text.Few Story Names* A Different Take on Halloween* A Flower a Day* A Forced Christmas* A Frog and a Frying Pan* A Letter Soup* A Lion without a Roar* A Madman in the City* A Pessimistic Dog* A Resentful Thumb* A Village on the Road* An Allergic Wizard* An Insignificant Task* An Octopus in Trouble* An Unexpected Arrival* Art Town* August Heat* Balloon Acrobatics* Bigmouth Fox* Billy Peck, Tightrope Waddler* Bobby the Mountain Climber* Boobuan monkeys* Brave Little Tortoise and the Monster* Bula, the traveller* Chess of a Thousand Colours* Chocolate Tears* Colourful Animals* Colourless Tiger* Duck Race* Earth, Swallow Me Up* Edward and the Dragon* Fear is soft and smooth* Fiona Famous* Fleabags* Foolish Lion & clever rabbit* Forever a Monster* Fox reared by the lion* Friends from the Vegetable Patch* George the Giant* Grandfather’s Coins* Hammer Blows* Happy Endings* Humility among the Animals* Hunting for Smiles* Invitation to the Ball* Jemima the Nosey Giraffe* Little Worm is Lost!* Lola the Whale* Mirror with a Malfunction* Modern Nomads* Monkey and the crocodile* Music on your plate* My Little World has Broken* Never Make Fun of a Rhino* Peggy’s Talking Pets* Pillars of the Earth* Playing with the Sun* Prince Lapio* Princess of Fire* Problems on the Ark* Robot with a Virus* Searching for Stars* Sparky Hooves* Speedy Snails* Stickybeard’s Treasure* That’s Enough!* The Bad Neighbours* The Beauty Contest* the Best Choice* The Best Robot* The Big Match* The Birth of the Turtles* The blue Jackal* The Boy Who Always Won* The Boy who Made a Country Smile* The Brahmin's gift* The Brave Boy and the Multicoloured Ghost* The Brave Little Tortoise and the Monster* The Careless Clown* The Carnivorous Plant and the Butcher* The Cave of the Thousand Treasures* The Chain of Smiles* The Cloudsqueezer* The Cockerel, the Duck, and the Mermaids* The Crashed Martian* The Creature in the Attic* The Day of Silence* The Deductive Mr. Horsefly* The Drawing That Talked* The Evil Goblins* The Experiments of Miss Ellis* The Fairy and the Shadow* The Flying Contest* The Full Warren* The Good Pirate* The great palace of lies* The greedy cloud* The greedy jackal* The Grumpy Tree* The Hair Thief* The Happy Sweeper* The Hypersensor* The Incredible Black Rain* The Island Of Inventions* The Knight and the World* The Last Dinosaurs* The Lazy Little Bird* The Life-Wasting Potion* The Little Glutton* The Little Star* The Magic Coins* The Magic Key* The Magic Tree* The Magic Window* The Match and the Toy Men* The Mocking Tiger* The mongoose and the farmer's wife* The Moon Lake* The Mysterious Juggling Clown* The Mystery of the Missing Coin* The Old Man on the Moon* The Opera Singer* The Origin of Happiness* The Outing* the Paper Rocket* The Pet Sack* The Photographic Elephant* The Pleaseometer* The Poor Bunny's Magic Present* The potion and the wind* The Princess without a Palace* The Prisoners* The Proudest Parents* The Queen’s Journey* The Red Moon* The Respectful Prince and the Dwarves* The Safe* The Sage's daughter* The Sparrow and the elephant* The Sword of Peace* The Ticklish Kid* The Tidy Toys* The Toothy Toad* The Tree and the Vegetables* The Trick* The Two Towers* The Ugly Fairy* The Unfriendly River* The Unlucky Merchant* The Wand That Ran Out* The Warm Whale* The Wicked Prince* The World's Best Warrior* Trapped in Tidyland* Trouble in the Science Class* Tubby, the Pot-bellied Cat* Two Intelligent Boys* Waking Nightmare* Win or Lose* Works of the Kingdom